Myriad Festival Subsidy Application

Are you an Outback entrepreneur, startup or innovative business?

Would you like to exhibit, network and make valuable contacts in Australia and globally?

Then, you need to read this!

Myriad Festival is a three-day technology and innovation conference, which in 2018 is being held at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane from 16-18 May 2018 featuring founders, investors, thought leaders and senior executives from some of the most influential brands on the planet,

Last year, over 100 regional entrepreneurs, startups and innovative businesses showcased their ideas to 3,500 delegates from around the globe including major corporations, international investors, entrepreneurs and a contingent from Outback Qld

This year, the Regional Innovation Showcase will build on the success of 2017 and provide a unique platform for regional entrepreneurs to exhibit, network and make valuable contacts across Australia and the Asia Pacific and an Outback contingent will be there again.

2018’s program program is designed to engage curious minds in a variety of unique formats, including;


To see the speakers head to

With support from Advance Queensland’s ARIP funding, Outback Qld will again support a delegation of ten entrepreneurs, startups and innovative small to medium enterprises to attend and exhibit in the Regional Innovation Showcase at the Myriad Festival, rubbing shoulders with Silicon Valley, global and Australian peers.  Who knows where this could lead.  Successful delegates will receive a two day festival ticket [valued at $495] as well as a subsidy of $750 towards travel and accommodation costs.  What fantastic value!!

To meet the Regional delegate eligibility criteria, applicants need to achieve a minimum of 4 out of the following 6 criteria [detail of each criteria to be found in FAQ's]

1.   Businesses that can scale up

2.   Technology or innovation focus

3.   Track record of sales and growth:

4.   Innovation is at or beyond Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

5.   Investment has been secure

6.  Innovation aligns with at least one of the seven central themes of Myriad: Cities; Health; Food; Money; Work; Play; Culture.

Do you think you might be interested in attending?

Head to the Outbackhubs and complete an application before 9pm Sunday 18 March.  Successful applications will be announced on Friday 23 March.

Would you like more information?

Email or phone Kristine on 0427649031


How will I benefit from attending the event?

You will hear from leaders in the innovation area and well as those starting out; network with other startups and innovative businesses and have the opportunity to meet and listen to various Silicon Valley Innovators.

What subsidy will I receive?

  •   1 ticket to Myriad festival 16-18 May, 2018 [valued at $495]
  •  $750 towards your travel and accommodation costs for  16-18 May 

What do I need to do if I am successful?

  • Provide detail [as per the application] on your product/innovation
  • Attend the two-day festival 16-18 May in Brisbane at the Royal Show Grounds
  • Share roster on Outback Regional Stand over the two days
  • Provide receipts of accommodation and travel expenses relevant to the Myriad journey
  • Share on social media, the experience, speakers and networking opportunities at Myriad acknowledging the funders #AdvanceQueensland #ARIP #RAPAD
  • On return to the region, share at community events &/or in a short video, what you gained from your Myriad experience

What are more details about the selection criteria?

Applicants seeking delegation subsidy need to achieve a minimum of 4 out of the following 6 criteria:

1.   Businesses that can scale up

  1. High Growth Potential – successful Commercialisation of the new product or service likely to lead to high growth for the business
  2. Globally focused – the product/service has global market potential
  3. Has a plan in place to help the business stay on track in achieving its goals

2.   Technology or innovation focus

  1. Validation that the solution is addressing a real market pain point
  2. Identifies as a new to market or new to world product/service
  3. Where IP is involved, it must be owned and protected by the applicant business (not a third party)

3.   Track record of sales and growth:

  1. Evidence of early sales traction / user growth (global customers preferred)
  2. Demonstrate potential via extensive user interviews, surveys, market research
  3. Has adequate management and technical team to commercialise and grow successfully

4.   Innovation is at or beyond Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

  1. Not just a prototype
  2. Actual sales (preferred)
  3. Can provide MVP url/file/image

5.   Investment has been secured

  1. Investors have already injected funds into the business
  2. Investor, industry partner and/or customer letters of support can be provided
  3. A team is in place to take on additional investment and deliver on promises
  1. Innovation aligns with at least one of the seven central themes of Myriad:
    1. Cities: As our population grows and the planet warms up, humans are moving more than ever before. From autonomous vehicles to designing cities on Mars, technology plays an increasingly important role in the way we interact with the places we
    2. Health: We spend more than $6.5 trillion (USD) on healthcare globally each year, yet many people are unable to receive the treatment they so desperately From designer babies to mental health chatbots, this is about better outcomes for everyone.
    3. Food: With the world population expected to hit 5 billion in 2030, food demand will rise by 50 per cent in the next 15 years. With a world class agricultural economy, Australia is uniquely placed to take advantage of changing tastes from all over the world.
    4. Money: As the primary source of value exchange in today’s world, no other industry on earth has experienced a faster rate of technological disruption. And now, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin becoming mainstream conversation, it’s only speeding
    5. Work: The robots are coming and it’s time we understood exactly what that will mean for our jobs and knowledge in general. Covering everything from education to leadership and every step in
    6. Play: With global video game sales topping the $100 billion (USD) mark, the future of screen based play is extremely But what effect is this having on our bodies and our brains? The future of play explores the world through a creative lens.
    7. Culture: If culture is defined by a society’s collective ideas, customs and behaviour, then what does our culture say about us? Whether you’re a maker or a breaker, we could all use a little more culture in our

Businesses with a niche target market that is only in their local area are not eligible to attend Myriad 2018 as part of the Regional Innovation Showcase delegation.

Not sure if you qualify, contact Kristine via email at or on 0427649031